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Children's Introduction to Role Playing (CHIRP)


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Front Material


As a teenager, I fondly remember long afternoons spent with friends as we played role-playing games (RPGs). When I became a father, I wanted to introduce the same fun to my kids but knew that the complex rules of my favorite games would make it a challenge for the kids to learn. So I set out to make a simple RPG with a few goals in mind. And thus the Children's Introduction to Role Playing (CHIRP) came to into existence.


Building CHIRP, I had a few goals in mind:

  • Rules simple enough for a pre-schooler or kindergartner to learn the basics and have fun
  • Only use 6-sided dice because they're easy & cheap to obtain
  • All documentation should be easily accessible in a format that doesn't require a particular reader or screen-size (it should be readable on a desktop, tablet, phone, ereader) and that doesn't force a particular layout (I'm looking at you, PDF). By using HTML, it should allow the document to be marked up with machine-readable data and be easy to integrate tools like dice-rolling scripts as well.
  • Allow for a broad style of games (dungeon crawl, super-heroes, martial arts, cops-and-robber, cyberpunk, space opera, etc)
  • Easily expandible
  • And most of all, fun!


I release all CHIRPS documentation and code under a CC-BY license.

Main Game Content

Creating a character

All characters have the following base attributes

  • Strength (ST)